Jentro compression fittings: unrivalled quality

Our compression fitting system is a universal system for sanitary and central heating applications. The extensive Jentro fittings program ensures a quick execution of all possible assembling combinations.

We offer an extremely complete fitting system from 16 to 63mm to guarantee a maximum of possibilities.

Jentro compression fittings: only the best is good enough

The Jentro compression fittings are manufactured to almost unlimited perfection. The best brass quality is used, with tolerances up to five hundredths of a mm. This result in an unrivalled quality, down to the smallest details.

Jentro fittings are manufactured from brass CW617N-Dw and comply with the  European prescriptions  for  the use with potable water. 
The Jentro fitting system gained  the DVWG potable water approval  and the EN-ISO 15875-3.


The joint

A very simple jointing technique allows that both PEX as well as STABIL pipes can be compressed onto a single fitting.

  • Very long sealing surface (19 to 50 mm). No narrowed bore as in other push-in fittings.
  • No O-ring seal. The expanded plastic with ‘memory effect’ ensures a 100% sealed joint.
  • During compression, the sleeve pushes the pipe towards the fitting which makes a safe connection every time.

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  • Certified pipe system for ISO, CSTB and DVGW
  • Ordered before 11h, delivered within 48h
  • Unique concept