A tour de force!

Jentro’s new expander pliers and accessories

We are incredibly proud of our new expander pliers! Find out how you can make life more enjoyable:
1. Owing to the ergonomic design, you need less power to expand your tube.
2. The pliers are made of aluminium. Really lightweight and just as sturdy!
3. This compact tool comes in a handy storage box with more than enough room for your accessories.
These three features ensure that inaccessible places and confined spaces are easily reached. Thanks to our latest addition!
The expanders also get a new look!
With a distinctive design in three striking colours, you'll find the right expander in a trice!

  • Certified pipe system for ISO, CSTB and DVGW
  • Ordered before 11h, delivered within 48h
  • Unique concept