Clamp Fittings assets

Clamp Fittings ASSETS

  • Highly comfortable single-handed operation: the nut is easily tightened with one hand, the bolt head is unable to turn. The bolt may be fitted in one direction or the other (see photos 1a and 1b)
  • a) Easy to open the clamping piece with the supplied bolt (photo 2a) or
  • b) Easy and super fast opening and positioning of the clamping piece with the special Jentro expander pliers (photo 2b)
  • Stainless steel nut with nylon insert to prevent unintended loosening
  • Stainless steel spacer pinion, supplied with a special stainless steel bolt
  • no risk of “cold welding or galling”
  • additional treatment with special anti-galling grease is no longer necessary!
  • very low frictional resistance when tightening the nut
  • Extra-long lugs for precise positioning of the clamping piece.
  • Bumper for a perfect end positioning of the clamping piece.
  • No O-ring required for sealing the plastic pipe!
  • Both the fitting and the clamping piece are made of forged brass. This applies to the entire range.
  • Certified pipe system for ISO, CSTB and DVGW
  • Ordered before 11h, delivered within 48h
  • Unique concept