STABIL pipes for sanitary & central heating installations

If you are an installer of central heating or sanitary installations, you can buy all your STABIL pipes at Jentro. These pipes are highly suitable for transporting hot and cold water.

Benefits of STABIL pipes

Using STABIL pipes offers many advantages. These pipes:

  • Are 100% oxygen-tight
  • Retain the desired shape after bending, which makes them highly suitable for connecting radiators
  • Can easily be used in construction without devaluing the room’s aesthetics
  • Remain straight thanks to the aluminum casing
  • Expand less in length in high temperatures

Difference with PEX pipes

STABIL pipes have a smaller drain than PEX pipes. Their construction is also somewhat more complicated. Furthermore, they are a bit more expensive than PEX pipes.

Types of STABIL pipes

At Jentro, you can choose between 4 types of STABIL pipes:

  1. With HDPE casing

STABIL pipes with polyethylene casing offer additional protection against damage during transport, after installation of the pipes and before they are covered with floor screed. Moreover, they have a better insulation value and they prevent hot spots on the floor.

  1. Without casing

STABIL pipes without protection casing are a cheaper alternative.

  1. In straight lengths

STABIL pipes in straight lengths are perfect for short, straight lengths in e.g. visible construction.

  1. Insulated

Insulated STABIL pipes prevent heat loss, which makes them highly suitable when stricter insulation demands have to be met.

Do you need more information or details about STABIL pipes for sanitary installations & heating? Download the technical file. Of course, you can always ask your question online or by phone (+32 16 44 21 21).

  • Certified pipe system for ISO, CSTB and DVGW
  • Ordered before 11h, delivered within 48h
  • Unique concept